Was he ousted because of Kasab?

October 13th, 2010

Criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi, the first evictee on Bigg Boss, feels his job of representing 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab may have cost him his spot on the show. "I had a wonderful time on the show and don't feel bad that I was ousted. A lot of people still think that by representing Kasab I have done something wrong. I can understand that they felt that way when I took up the case. But I was just doing my job and it was the government that appointed me. I didn't go out of my way to represent him," he explains. "Two other Muslim lawyers are representing Kasab, but no one has said a word. Why was I singled out?" asks the lawyer. "I am not obliged to justify my actions or explain that I'm a good person." Kazmi also feels Shweta Tiwari's vote may have played a role in him being ousted.

As if controversy hasn't dogged him enough, Kazmi found himself in some fresh trouble. Maulana Zahir Abbas Rizvi, the All India Personal Law Board of Shia community's general secretary was rather scathing about the lawyer's behaviour on the show saying that it was in "such an objectionable manner that has put the entire community to shame."

Speaking about the situation, Kazmi says, "I am not a priest. I am the managing trustee of a mosque. My work there is administerial. I just serve the mosque. There are a few people with vested interests. They have a grudge against me."

Kazmi justifies his role in Bigg Boss and says he hasn't done anything wrong. "The choice to go to Bigg Boss was a personal one. I have a job to do and I do that with sincerity. But when I'm not working, I think I am entitled to do whatever I want," says the lawyer whose stint in the Bigg Boss house has won him many fans.

On his way to court one day, a brigadier came up to Kazmi's and told him how proud he was for conducting himself with dignity on the show. "There has been a lot of support from my community and also the legal fraternity," he adds.


People are angry with me for Kasab: Kazmi

October 12th, 2010

Kasab's lawyer, Abbas Kazmi says every inmate at the 'Bigg Boss' house has only one agenda - winning the show - for which they can stoop to any level. But, he could never do that

What do you think deterred you from staying in the Bigg Boss house for a much longer period?
I believe the masses didn't support me because they are still angry with my decision to defend Kasab. But I want people to understand the reasons for which I made that choice. The only message i want to convey is - Agar main nahin toh koi doosra vakeel Kasab ko represent karta. It has been mentioned in our Constitution that every criminal should get at least a lawyer to fight his/her case. Aur court ne mujhe appoint kiya tha. I didn't become Kasab's lawyer because I wanted to. Bharat sarkar ne mujhe meri fees di thi. Kanoon ki zaroorat thi jo maine poori kari. Had I refused, someone else would have done the same job. Also, it is important for the masses to know that I represented Kasab when he wasn't declared as the accused. Now, after he has been declared as a terrorist, two lawyers have been appointed. People should understand the fact that this is our professional duty. Is main naraazgi ki koi baat nahin hai.

You were asked questions about Kasab by the inmates in the house...
Yes, after watching the show on video sharing websites before joining it, I had a fair idea of what all I was expected to face. So I was ready to be asked questions like 'What made you accept Kasab's case?', 'Kasab kaisa tha?' etc. Interestingly, it was Manojji who told me, "It is great that you talked to us about this issue. For, the discussions have cleared several misconceptions. Aap toh kaafi achche aadmi hain. Hum toh aapko galat samjahte the." I would talk about Kasab with everybody, including Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish Ali. We didn't have the idea of hiding anything from anyone. Kyunki fir unhe lagta ki hum unse baat chupa rahein hain. Sab ke saamne jo baat ki jaati thi woh inke saamne bhi hoti thi. The notion was not to create any hostility in the house. We all worked hard to live in a peaceful environment. I know "Bigg Boss 4" happened because I was Kasab's lawyer. So, for me not to discuss Kasab on the show would have been wrong. But I made sure, all that I discussed was within the legal parameters.

What's next? High-profile criminals like Kasab to participate in reality shows, especially when former dacoit Seema and Devinder Singh aka Superchor Bunty have set an example?
I want people to understand that Seemaji was earlier a dacoit. It was her past and now she lives the life of a respectable citizen. We have to understand that Valmiki too was a dacoit at one time before he became a sage. Toh har ek ka past hota hai. We should also look at one's reformed self, which is important for society. As far as Devinder goes, I think he couldn't understand the entire format of the show. Usko barabar brief nahin kiya gaya tha. Seemaji was ready to speak about her past unlike Devinder. Devinder ka attitude tha ki please don't ask me same old questions about my past. And if anyone did, he would get angry. How can Kasab ever enter a reality show? He is not a free person.

Shiv Sena and the MNS have been negating the idea of allowing artistes from Pakistan to participate in Indian shows. Do you think it is correct to evict them from "Bigg Boss 4"?
Dekhiye, I'm in no authority to justify any such thing. Political parties have their own views. Aur main apne views force nai karta kisi pe.

Has your stay helped you get an insight into the criminal minds of contestants?
I know who is playing what game. Lekin main negativity main nahin jaana chahta. I could've stayed longer but there was enough backbiting happening, it was evident from Day 1. I have no regrets leaving the house. I belong to a noble profession so I couldn't have stooped to levels that others could. I'm happy that despite dirty politics, which is a part of the game, I was my true self. Contrary to the popular notion that I wasn't talking much with other contestants, Shweta Tiwari had said, 'Kazmi sahab is talking too much'. The problem is if you blabber, contestants think you speak a lot, and if you don't, they think you don't interact. Thankfully, I was nominated for a small thing. Kuch gandi baat ke liye nahin hua nomination.

Will you be seen in any other reality show? Kya reality show ka chaska aap ko bhi lag gaya?
Chaska toh mujhe college se laga hai. I have always been used to applause and standing ovation which is quite natural when you are a stage actor. College se hi I was interested in acting. Law is my profession but acting has always been my hobby. And whenever, I would get spare time, I'd pursue it. This is not my first TV show. I played a judge in the television serial "Your Honour" before as well. So, if I get anything interesting to do, I would accept the challenge. But it is also a fact that I'm a difficult person. People can't deal with me.


Abbas Kazmi Aakhri Salaam with Salman Khan

October 10th, 2010

Abbas Kazmi's Akhari Salam was full entertainment, an hour vassol in front of TV. Salman chulbul khan was at his best. Today's episode was about Abbas but Salman stole it. Salman's entry, exit and in between the show everything was just impeccable.

Best was when he sang "tadap tadap ke" from his love film hum dil de chuke sanam , probably first time after his break-up with Aishwarya. There was famous astrologer Bejan Daruwala for the predictions about the winner of the Bigg Boss 4. And according to Bejan - Begum, Sameer and Manoj Tiwari are competitors for the winner. Bejan also predicted that Salman will get married in next 2 years to his dream girl. And there will be 2 girls competing to get Salman. "

About Abbas :

He was lucky that he didn't get any whips from Salman. But he is a big liar, he lied when he said that Bigg Boss explicitly took three girls name and said that because of them the budget point was reduced. While leaving the house Abbas was asked to give 2 names as his nomination of the week. He took Veena Malik and Seema Parihar's name and the reason was both are not from glamour world. Veena and Seema both have 1 vote each now. Abbas was asked to rank the housemates from 1to 10 and to describe them in one word by Salman.




Hrishant Goswami


Back stabber

Sakshi Pradhan



Ashmit Patel



Sara Khan



Begum Ali



Shweta Tiwari



Sameer Soni


Diplomatic & Manipulative

Aanchal Kumar



Rahul Bhatt



Seema Parihar



Manoj Tiwari

Double faced

Veena Malik  



First week of the house was fantastic, housemates without wasting any time revealed their good and bad side of their personality. We saw Ashmit and Veena washing their dirty linen in public. They revealed everything about their relationships, affairs and MMS, of course! Ashmit took the opportunity to "authenticate" the MMS clip of him and Riya Sen and shed some crocodile tears. He was so fake! Veena did the same. Infact today we saw Veena having an argument with Shweta over mens. She claimed that she can get any man she wants. Actually she is also trying on apna Salman.

Sara Khan is playing dirty tricks in the house to win the show. She has come with all the tools and planning, she is trying her best to get the attention of Ashmit Patel. May be she wants to feature in his next MMS.....LOL! The attention seeker and despo was seen tearing all the pictures of her boyfriend Ali Merchant. But doing so she did not look real, everything looked pre-planned. The way she then went up to Ashmit and let him know of her doings, shedding some tears to gain sympathy and vote was all so fake. So this is the real bahu I guess.

Begum is nominated as Captain of the house for a week and is enjoying the luxury delight room.

Hrishant is trying his best to kick the ladies of the house out of there. He is constantly picking on girls and making them cry.

Sameer is the best one, he is lambi race ka ghoda and a very genuine person, so far.

Seema being a non celebrity and a dacoit is extra comfortable with all other housemates. She has also managed to dominate some of the housemates. Salman said "I LOVE U" to Seema, which was like an indication to others that beware Seema is gaining popularity outside.

Shweta, we have to wait and watch what will happen next.

Manoj Tiwari is with everybody. No complains!


Bigg Boss 4, Day 5: Abbas Kazmi eliminated from the show

October 09th, 2010

Today was the first eviction of the 4th season of the show that has been decided by the public. It ought to be mentioned that at the starting of the week, Devendar had been asked to leave the house, as he had broken the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

Sara, Seema, Hrishant and Abbas were nominated by the housemates this week and the Bigg Boss journey came to an end for Abbas. He seemed relieved to go and was also expecting that he would be evicted. When he was leaving the house then Bigg Boss asked him to nominate 2 candidates for the coming week.

He seemed a bit startled by the thought, but however he adapted fast and nominated Seema and Veena. Seema seemed okay with the nomination and it hardly affected her, however the same can't be said for Veena. She was aghast at the nomination.

Manoj had a small tiff with the females of the house who were cooking in the kitchen. They were cooking and also eating off the main containers. He seemed offended at the thought of eating food, which is not hygienic to his standards. Shweta, who seems as the official mediator of the house asked him to chill and got some fresh food cooked for him.

Later Manoj and Samir were seen discussing the ways of the captain – Begum who is free from the fear of eviction and doesn't have to do a thing in the house as well. Both of them felt that he didn't deserve such luxuries.


Abbas Kazmi out of Bigg Boss 4

October 09th, 2010

The most eagerly watched show on television currently, COLORS' Bigg Boss season 4 has got its first evictee. And it's none other than Abbas Kazmi, the ex-lawyer of 26/11 accused Mohammed Ajmal Kasab.

Kazmi was nominated along with three other contestants- television actress Sara Khan, model Hrishant Goswami and dacoit Seema Parihar.

In spite of being the oldest contestant on the show, Kazmi got along well in the house and other housemates. Abbas Kazmi enjoyed working out in the gym including a regular dip in the wave pool. He helped with the household work as well, though took offence when the job assigned to him was done by someone else at times and by default he we was taken off that responsibility.

Contrary to the perception of a senior criminal lawyer, Kazmi loved to talk! He could debate endlessly for hours together, his favourite topics obviously being his experiences on the infamous Kasab case.

It's been one week, and Kazmi is out of Bigg Boss season 4 house. We wonder who's next in line to be voted out of the house!

Courtesy:The Times of India

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 7 Oct 09 2010

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 7 Oct 09 2010 - Part 2/6

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 7 Oct 09 2010 - Part 3/6

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 7 Oct 09 2010

Abbas Kazmi voted out of Bigg Boss

October 08th, 2010

Kasab's lawyer Abbas Kazmi is the first person to be voted out of Bigg Boss 4. The house mates were not in favor of the lawyer and hence they in good number voted against him. Jungle queen Seema Parihar was also in the elimination list. Since Devender Singh aka Bunty Chor was thrown out by Bigg Boss himself, two more names were added on the elimination list.

Sarah Khan, Seema Parihar, Hrishant Goswami and Abbas Kazmi were on the eviction list. Abbas was not entertaining and also violated some rules of the house. He also did not mingle with all the members. He was an odd man out and so the housemates preferred to vote against him.

Finally, on the deciding day, Salman Khan announced his name.

Courtesy:Bollywood Mantra Staff

Abbas Kazmi first to be evicted from 'Bigg Boss 4'

October 08th, 2010

New Delhi, Oct 8 (IANS) Mumbai terror attack accused Mohammad Ajmal Kasab's former lawyer Abbas Kazmi became the first contestant to be evicted from the "Bigg Boss" house.

Kazmi, who entered the "Bigg Boss 4" house in Lonavala with 13 other contestants, received the lowest votes in comparison to TV actress Sara Khan, model Hrishant Goswami and former woman bandit Seema Parihar, who were nominated with him.

Parihar bagged the maximum votes.

The show went on air on Colors channel Sunday with Bollywood star Salman Khan.

Devinder Singh alias 'Superchor Bunty' was asked to leave the reality show following unruly behaviour in the house Monday.

"Bigg Boss" requires the contestants to survive in a house for three months without communicating with the outside world, and being under constant camera surveillance.


It seems that Kazmi will get some clients in the house itself!

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 6 Oct 08 2010

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 5 Oct 07 2010

Abbas Kazmi wants to show off his fearless side on Bigg Boss

October 06th, 2010

October 6, 2010: The entry of senior criminal lawyer S.G. Abbas Kazmi in the Bigg Boss house has been a controversial issue and is coming up in everyones' discussion. Different types of views have come up regarding this, as few think that Kazmi is here for an image makeover since people consider him like a 'deshdrohi' for defending a terrorist like Kasab.

However, Kazmi has his own say on this. The experienced lawyer has very tactfully put forward his point saying that he has entered Bigg Boss House to show his fearless personality on the reality show. He does not agree with the opinion that he wants to have an image makeover here.

Kazmi, who was sacked as the counsel for 26/11 alleged terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, said that he loves interesting challenges in life. He thinks that it will be a great experience to live with strangers under one roof and cope up with their daily life habits. The lawyer, who claims to have worked in some renowned criminal cases, wants to face the challenges here with a brave heart. He admitted all these before stepping into the Bigg Boss house.

In a very filmy style, the lawyer said that people will get to see his 'dabangg' personality on the reality show of Colors. He requested people to understand his maturity and support him.

Nobody bothered to know about Abbas Kazmi until and unless he was appointed as the lawyer for Kasab, the only survivor of the 26/11terrorist attack. Last year, he was sacked from the case for non-cooperation.

The lawyer has reportedly done some small roles in Bollywood too. So is he looking for an alternative career now? After all, Bigg Boss house is a good platform to showcase one's acting and emoting skills!

On the other hand, the house has welcomed some other controversial members like Rahul Bhatt, son of renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Rahul was alleged to have links with David Coleman Headley, who was charged with investigating targets for 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. There is another inmate with a criminal background, former Bandit Queen, Seema Parihar. On Monday, Bigg Boss had to eliminate the infamous 'Bunty chor' for his irresponsible and abusive behavior.

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 4 Oct 06 2010

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 3 Oct 05 2010

Bigg Boss 4 : Episode 2 Oct 04 2010

Not in 'Bigg Boss' for image makeover: Kasab's former lawyer

October 04, 2010

New Delhi, Oct 4 (IANS) Senior criminal lawyer S.G. Abbas Kazmi, who was sacked as the counsel for 26/11 terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, says people will see his fearless personality on "Bigg Boss 4." He also clarifies that he is not on the show for an image makeover. "I love interesting challenges in life. I think it is going to be quite a wonderful experience living with strangers under one roof and coping with them and their daily habits. It's going to be quite a challenge and I am ready to face it boldly," Kazmi, 55, told IANS on phone from Lonavala near Mumbai before entering the "Bigg Boss" house.

"People will really get to see my 'dabang' (fearless) personality on the show and my maturity. So watch out for me and support me," he said.

The show went on air Sunday on Colors channel.

Kazmi shot into limelight when he became the lawyer for Kasab, the only 26/11 terrorist to have survived. However, he was sacked for non-cooperation in the case last year. He has also done bit roles in Bollywood.

Before entering the "Bigg Boss" house, Kazmi seemed somewhat flustered.

"A publication has reported that I have been requesting the channel to be on the show. But let me clarify, the channel has been chasing me for the past six months and I never approached them. I may take legal action against the publication when I am done with the show," he said. The publication claimed that Kazmi's motive behind entering the show is his desire to "clear up his public image".

Lashing out against the report, he said: "My image is very well-established. I do not need a platform to cleanse my image. My colleagues appreciated what I did and the way I handled the case. I have done wonderfully for my life, so I don't need any such platform to clear my image or anything as such," added the lawyer.

Usually glamorous models, item girls and controversial actors are invited to stay in the "Bigg Boss" house, but this is the first time a lawyer has got an entry on the show, an Indian version of the popular international show "Big Brother".

"My personality commands my presence on the show. After all, the channel doesn’t bring any Tom, Dick and Harry on the show. Besides, if I am controversial in their eyes, so be it. But what I did in Kasab's case was what any professional would have done," said Kazmi who had earlier handled controversial cases like the 1993 Mumbai blasts and the Gulshan Kumar murder case.

What will he do if his "Bigg Boss" inmates ask him about his interactions with Kasab?

"Whatever I speak will be under legal parameters and admissible. I know my limitations," he said.

But for now, he is upbeat about spending time in "Bigg Boss", which is being hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan this season.

The show has 14 contestants locked up inside a house for three months without any connection with the outside world and under the constant surveillance of cameras. The one-hour daily show went on air Sunday.


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